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«Uniworc» is a perfect team approach in the trust asset management

We have created a company that we are proud of.

A team with the best professional analysts, traders and IT specialists joined it's forces to create a unique product.

We have developed our own software for automatic stock trading. This allowed us to diversify our assets and get constant predictable income.

We present you a reliable way to raise capital in the cryptocurrency and forex markets. Working with Uniworc will allow you to earn high dividends regularly. We have also developed a loyalty system for active partners.

Our mission: to give people an opportunity to receive dividends from the complex forex and cryptocurrency market in a simple and passive way.

We appreciate our name, respect our partners and customers. Our goal is to provide regular profits for our investors and increase financial assets.


Benefits of investing in "Uniworc"

To make a successful trade deal, an investor needs to have a clear understanding of the market situation, check public and private information, analyze possible risks, conduct a technical and fundamental analysis.

The news background and the mood of potential market participants are also taken into decision. An investor should not forget about the safety and security of assets. Furthermore, for large-scale trading, you must have reliable automated software.

Thanks to the high-skilled Uniworc team, you don’t need to delve into the details of cryptocurrency or forex trading. All actions for a reliable profit will be provided by our analytical and technical departments. We have a fully organized process and a great experience, so we successfully earn and share part of the profit with investors.

Преимущества инвестирования в Uniworc


Register an account, open a deposit and regularly receive dividends to your electronic wallet.


You can start earning even with $ 50.

High income

Receive from 21% of income per month in the exchange trading market.


Our experts have developed a strategy that allows you to get regular and predictable profits.


Contact our specialized consultants for help at any time and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Loyalty program

Start a business with Uniworc! For partners a generous commission program and career is developed. By building your own network of customers you will receive a growing income regulary.

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Test the system right now and we'll give you a bonus deposit of $ 100 for free registration