We are a team of professional analysts, traders, developers and top managers who have joined forces to earn money on stock trading. Well-organized processes and precise team rules allow us to get profit from trading on exchanges every day. We are sure in the success of those ideas that we use in our practice.

Having extensive experience in the financial market, we can confidently offer you a reliable way to invest in a company Uniworc, which will allows you not only to receive daily income, but also to manage your personal time freely while your finances are working..

The main goal of the company is to increase the working capital by attracting a wide range of investors. By managing not only our capital, but also attracting investments from the outside, we significantly increase our total profit, from which we pay percents to our investors.


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Uniworc is:

14 top level professionals

Our employees use proven trading strategies and tactics.

$ 1,000,000 of insurance fund

All investor deposits are insured

Official registration

The company is officially registered in the UK

8 years of successful experience

For eight years we have improved trading skills.

7 tools how to ear money

Opportunities for making money won’t leave anyone indifferent.

Thousands of investors and partners

Successful people from all over the world cooperate with us.

What are the opportunities for earning money

Forex market in numbers

More than 50 years

Forex Trading Over
50 Years

6.6 trillion

World forex trading turnover - $ 6.6 trillion per day

Income from 30% per month

The average successful trader earns 1.5% of profit per day

More than 1 million traders

Around the world, a large number of people are engaged in professional trading.

What are the opportunities for earning money

Crypto market in numbers

10 years

The cryptocurrency market exists for only 10 years and during this time the largest number of millionaires has been recorded

1000x growth

Cryptocurrency is the fastest growing market in the history, because the currency has repeatedly grown 1000 times in a short time

$ 100 billion per day

Trading sizes in the cryptocurrency market exceeds one hundred billion dollars a day

Market sizes

244 billion dollars - cryptocurrency market size

Bite off your piece of cake - get a part of the profits from this huge financial market

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