отмывание денег

«___»_________ 2017


  1. The investor gives to the manager personal financial funds on a personal account, which is opened as part of an investment platform with a deposit in the amount of “_________” US dollars, named ih the future as ”Funds”.
    1. The investor accepts the provided services and pay for them according to items 3.1-3.6 of Agreement.
    2. The investor agrees with the recommended investment period of minimum 200 calendar days from the date the Agreement enters into force.
  2. The Manager accepts mentioned Funds before on the investor's personal account into trust management and agrees to manage them according to the rules of this Agreement.
    1. The company’s trust management service implies an internal transfer and distribution of the Funds between professional traders who are in the staff of the Manager and who does trading operations in order to realize the obligations of the Manager according to the rules of Agreement.
    2. Two sides agreed that the internal transfer of the Funds according to items 1.2.1. is no way the transfer or alienation of the rights, duties and responsibilities entrusted to the Manager according to the rules of Agreement to third persons.
  3. Management of financial assets is carried out with the aim of trading in the financial markets due to the following instruments:
    1. Currency pairs (Forex);
    2. Cryptocurrency trading;
    3. Contracts for Difference (CFDs);
    4. Metals
    5. Goods;
    6. Indexes;
    7. Exchange traded funds (ETF’s)
  4. The specific composition and combinations of traded instruments at each moment of time, as well as the volumes and principles of the distribution of funds among operating portfolios, are determined by the manager.
  5. Two sides agreed that trust management is based on the manager’s internal policies, actions and strategies made to manage the Investor’s Funds effectively,and it belongs to the class of official models, constituting the manager’s trade secret.


  1. Rights and obligations of the Manager:
    1. The manager is obliged to take into his management the financial funds of the investor according to the item 1.1. of Agreement and manage them for the duration of the Agreement specified in item 4.1.
    2. The manager is obliged to provide the Investor with financial reports on current indicators and results of trading operations with trusted Funds.
    3. The manager has the right to open and close trading positions at its discretion, using the strategies according to item 1.5., and does not exceed the target permissible level of distributed risk in the amount of 5% of the capital involved in current trading positions.
    4. The manager has the right to receive his part of the profit, according to items 3.1-3. of Agreement.
  2. Rights and obligations of the investor:
    1. The investor is obliged to place the amount of the Funds in his personal account in the investment platform up to "_________" according to item 1.1. and transfer them to the manager for a period under the conditions provided for by Agreement.
    2. The investor has the right to look at financial reports about manager activities to monitore and controll the realization of his obligations under this Agreement, without interfering in the course of trade.
    3. In case of violation items 2.1.3. of Agreement by the “Manager”, the investor has the right to unilaterally terminate the agreement or change the conditions of items 3.1-3.5 of Agreement on his own.
    4. The investor has the right to reinvest the profit by concluding new trust management agreements in the investment platform.
  3. Transfer by the investor and the manager of their rights and obligations under Agreement to third persons is not allowed.

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