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Income with Uniworc

Uniworc is an asset management company in the forex and cryptocurrency trading markets.

The average profit of investors varies from 21% to 30% per month. The investor receives daily dividends that can be withdrawn at any time. The income is floating, it depends on the trading session of traders and robots.


Investor Benefits

Choosing trust management with Uniworc, you and your partners can be sure of the highest quality of world-class services.


Register an account, open a deposit and regularly receive dividends to your electronic wallet.


You can start earning even with $ 50.

High income

Receive from 21% to 30% of income per month in the exchange trading market. Each deposit brings 220% of the income (the body  is included in the payments).


Our experts have developed a trading strategy that allows you to get regular and predictable profits.


Contact our specialized consultants for help at any time and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Professional team

We use technical and fundamental analysis based on market understanding. These allows you to see the whole picture and make the most great deals.

Fast dividend withdrawal

You will receive money in your account up to 72 hours from the moment of making an application.

Loyalty program

Start a business with Uniworc! A generous commission program and career is made for partners. By building your own network of customers you will receive a growing income regulary

$ 1,000,000 insurance fund

All investor deposits are insured

Test the system right now - we’ll give you a bonus deposit of $ 100 for free registration

Uniworc Investment Plan

Opportunities for investors

Without special experience and knowledge, even a beginner - investor has the opportunity to withdraw his profits from the forex and cryptocurrencies markets.

We will provide you with the highest level of service, ensure the safety of your assets and increase your capital.

Plan’s name Standart
Amount 50 - 25,000 $
Strategy Crypto + Forex
Deadlines 180 - 260 days
Income for the whole period 220%
Deposit Included in payments
Profit for the whole period 120%
Profitability 0.5-1.5% per day
Withdrawal Anytime
Regulations Up to 72 hours
Profit accruals Daily
Amount of deposits Unlimited

Use the dividend moneybox - earn even more!

Get bonuses for accumulating money on the balance of your personal account.

  • Bonus 0.125% for every 24 hours
  • Bonus 1% of profit in 7 days
  • Bonus 5% of profit in 30 days

If the investor does not create an application for withdrawal for 24 hours after extra charge of dividends came to the balance, so 0.125% is added to the balance. And such a bonus is charged every day until the investor withdraws dividends or other bonuses.

The investor can withdraw dividends, partner’s or any other bonuses every day and at any time. The moneybox works by passing over in silence, the investor decides himself to use the bonus of the moneybox or withdraw at a comfortable time for him.

If you do not create an application for withdrawal for seven days in succession, a bonus of + 1% will be added to the balance. It is calculated by the formula: 6 days + 0.125%, the 7th day + 0.25%. If the investor withdraws once in 30 days, we will charge bonus of 5% to your moneybox.

How to become an investor?

4 simple steps to invest in Uniworc


Register now

Complete a short registration form and get investment tools.


Replenish your account

Go to the balance replenishment page and make a payment for the needed amount.


Open deposit

On the "Investments" page of your personal cabinet, select an investment plan and open a deposit.


4 Withdraw your profit every day

Earn from 0.5% to 1.5% of your daily income.

Test the system right now and we'll give you a bonus deposit of $ 100 for free registration