Information about risks


Client - any individual person who has accepted a public offer agreement and has registered a personal account in the investment platform (creating a Personal Account).


The client takes risks with all troubles in a software, telecommunication equipment and other technical problems. The client is required to skeep in confidence all passwords and be sure that third persons will not get access to the personal information of the service. The client is obliged to the company about all transactions that were done, using the client’s password, even if it was used by a third person. The client must know that the information that goes in unencrypted way (by e-mail, instant messaging service) is not protected from unauthorized access.


The client should know that trading instruments in the financial markets have high liquidity, so significant intraday changes in price are possible. According to this, you can get a profit and a loss too, while making trade operations.


Uniworc Ltd. is not responsible for losses incurred by the client in unpredictable situations: military operations, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, suspension of trading on financial markets, foreign exchange interventions, decisions of governments, instability in financial markets with a decrease in liquidity and other significant changes in the working conditions of partners. The client agrees that the company can’t predict all possible risks while working in the financial markets and warning the client about them. Moreover, the company is not responsible for such situations.


The financial insolvency or bankruptcy of Uniworc Ltd. may lead to the freezing of deposits or their closure without your permission. In some circumstances, you may not receive back your assets that you contributed as deposits. Moreover, you will have to accept any payment in cash or in any other suitable way.

Separated assets will be a subject for protection in accordance with applicable standards.

Inseparable funds are not a subject for protection in accordance with applicable standards. Funds not separated from the company’s money will be used in the company’s activities, and if the company is insolvent, you will be considered as its main creditor.


This notice is provided to you in accordance with applicable law.

Uniworc LTD may transfer money received from a client to a third persons (for example, a bank, market, intermediary broker, OTC partners or clearing house) in order to store or control it for the purpose of conducting financial transactions with or through a third person or satisfy the requirements of the client’s obligation to secure deposits in relation to a financial transaction. The company is not responsible for any actions or inactivity of any third person to which it transferred the client's money.

The third person to which the company transfers the money can store it in a combined account, so it is not always possible to separate this money from the money of other clients or the money of the third person itself. In the moment of insolvency or another similar situation involving a third person, the company can only submit an unsecured claim from the client, and the client is at risk due to the fact that the money company received from the third persons will not be enough to satisfy the client’s claim about corresponding account. The company is not responsible for any possible loss.

The company may deposit the client’s money in a third person’s depository, which may receive provision for them, have the right to hold them or the right of compensation for this money.

The bank or broker the company conducted business may have interests that are opposite to the interests of the client.

Uniworc LTD is not obligated to provide clients with any financial advices about investments, possible transactions, as well as financial instruments and doesn’t give any investment recommendations.

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