Trust Management Service

отмывание денег

TM in Uniworc is a balanced combination of a highly qualified team of professional managers and the world's best practices and approaches in the asset management industry. We offer:

  1. Objective risk diversification. Managing by collective portfolio requires careful classification and reduction of various types of risks in appropriate ways. Our models include a wide diversification of portfolio, market and currency baskets. Unified money management standards. Assets entrusted to manage by investors lose their personal characteristics and become part of one big portfolio. This portfolio is the object of management for a team of professionals, which significantly increases management efficiency and reduces risks.
  2. The best service managers for the whole pool of investors. We prefer not to distinguish between investment strategies and approaches for investors at different levels. This tactic improves the controllability and security of individual investments.
  3. Investments and strategies work better with big capital. Trading experience in global financial markets allowed us to identify some key indicators, one of which is the strategic management of large portfolios.
  4. Joining forces to maximize profits. It is a combination of effective principles of work and team efforts that allows you to achieve maximum results at minimum costs. Reducing operating costs and expenses also means profit! Skipping the division of investors in relation to the volume of their assets, entrusted to us in management, allows us to reduce the costs for classification, maintenance and other features of various service lines.
  5. Right and ethical practice of "equal opportunities". We believe that all our investors can take advantage of all the benefits, use perfect investment strategy, and the services of high- skilled specialists. No compromises or limitations!

Who does this apply to?

Trust management is designed for those who look for high profits in the long run. Trust management service is the best solution for people who:

  • Value their time and trust professionals;
  • Manage their capital rationaly;
  • Want to provide a consistently high income;
  • Prefer to minimize financial risks.

Uniworc LTD offers its customers individual, professional asset management in the world of financial markets. By concluding a service contract, you’ll receive the following.

  • Services of a professional team of successful traders.
  • Optimal investment and strategic money management.
  • Transparent and detailed reporting on key indicators.
  • High regular passive income from several sources.
  • The ability to receive generous parnter’s deductions and qualification bonuses.
  • Perspective of making a career in the company, working with motivated people from different parts of the world.

Asset Trust Scheme

A financial institution is able to provide trust management services based on the law, as well as the necessary regulatory legal acts.

For the provision of asset management services, a contract has been concluded between the company and the investor (electronic offer agreement for the provision of services) on trust management. It reflects the principles of investment strategy, the proper use of financial instruments, as well as restrictions on management.

After the investor has transferred the assets, the Company's employees begin to carry out trading and financial transactions with the property (assets) entrusted for management. The company regularly provides the investor with a detailed report of the main investment indicators with the calculation of current and historical profitability.

At any time during the term of the contract, the client has the right to increase the amount of capital,entrusted to the management, by making an additional contributions.

Features of Uniworc

As a rule, in the private banking and asset management industry, there is a clear division into the value of the net investor (the so-called equity), and the more investor is , the more attention and personal services are given to him. An individual investment plan is developed for each such client, a personal trader and manager are given.

Our professional team of fund managers is working on one investment plan developed and controlled by the financial supervision of the company.

Thus, at Uniworc LTD, regardless of the amount of your investment, whether it is only $ 50, you get the services of a high-class team of experienced professionals and an investment portfolio management model designed for the largest and most demanding investors.

In other words, each investor can receive a large part of the total income from the financial operations of the company by increasing the volume of his investment portfolio (including reinvesting profits and partners' income).

Asset Trust Management Service Uniworc LTD allows any investor, regardless of his initial amount of capital and market knowledge, to start receiving a stable high income today!

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